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Here at Fusion, we design software — visually (wireframes, mockups, prototypes).

The process starts with your team sharing a brain dump of the need, requirements, and context of your planned software. We digest the information and then start a process of sketching out wireframes that visualize the form and function of the application. We get early feedback from your key stakeholders to establish an overall direction, and then continue designing. Our process takes into consideration your industry, target market, budget, type of application (web, mobile web, mobile app, kiosk) to craft a product that is easy to use and realistic to build. The ideal end goal is a full design of every screen/page of your application, with the minimal project and potential future phases identified.

From this point you have a very clear product design which can be used to engage with additional stakeholders, perform market analysis, seek funding, and/or receive more reliable bids from development agencies or your own internal engineering teams.

We can also provide high-resolution mockups illustrating the actual look of the app (complete with style guides), working prototypes, architectural guidance, technology recommendations, or proofs-of-concept.

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