"better software by design"

At Fusion we design software: mobile apps, desktop software, web applications, mobile websites.

Our primary focus is what we call "functional design" — mapping out the shape and behavior of the application, like a set of blueprints. In addition, we can provide full-resolution design mockups and digital assets, architectural services, and technology stack consultation as needed.

We are a team of individuals passionate about seeing software projects come to life ... and succeed!

Fusion is led by Stephen Hewitt, a creator with a near quarter-century of experience in professional software design, engineering, architecture, and development. Software engineering has always created a quandary for him — while naturally gifted at it, his creative side was malnourished and his ability to understand needs beyond the surface was less utilized. And to be fair, he'd rather solve people's problems than boss around computers. Functional software design turned out to be a perfect fit for his passions and giftings — and Fusion was born!

No man is an island, even a left-handed one, so Stephen works with others as needed to ensure your project gets the push into stardom that it deserves.

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